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Jim Lyons, NILP Director of Community Development and Advocacy, Checking Entrance of Business for ADA Accessibility Compliance

NEADAC provides Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) services by the people who live it each day, who have done it since the original section 504 regulations were published and who were there when the Act was passed.

Success Stories

We have dozens of success stories to share, and just to give YOU an example of these activities we have completed facility surveys, trainings, TA for Title II, and III entities at sites such as:

  • Harvard-Vanguard Medical Center,
  • Tobey Hospital, Lawrence Memorial,
  • Tufts Medical Center,
  • The Anna Jacques Hospital,
  • and many other medical facilities.

NILP successfully worked with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office on Health and Disability (DPH) to conduct fourty-two separate accessibility assessments at mammography facilities on behalf of people with disabilities. We completed this extensive 5 year process of examining the accessibility of facilities throughout Massachusetts. The purpose of the Mammography Access Project was to assess the accessibility of mammography facilities for individuals with mobility disabilities. We acknowledged the commitment/cooperation shown by mammography providers with this project to ensure quality health care for people with disabilities. Working in partnership, we have developed The ADA Compliance Review Sheet that is still used by Contracts Managers at The Mass Department of Public Health today! The result of this initiative has been a dramatic increase in accessibility at Mammography Centers throughout the state.

We also received competitive awards for comprehensive consulting services for the Cities of Gloucester, Westford, Newburyport, Amesbury, Lawrence, and others to provide Section 504/Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan consulting for the entire cities. We also provided comprehensive trainings on the ADA to 15 top Municipal staff at the Mayor’s Manager’s meetings at City Hall.

Partial Client List

Housing Providers:

The Lawrence and Ipswich Housing Authorities, State Street Development and Management Corporation, The Covenant House, Rogers Hall, etc: Conducted needs assessment, self-evaluation, and transition plan as required by HUD Section 504 regulations and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Provided ADA awareness and sensitivity training from cross-disability perspective for all employees of the Lawrence Housing Authority.

Public Utilities:

Reading Municipal Light Department: Provided ADA trainings for all employees to provide them with technical and “hands-on” knowledge of the ADA compliance needs. Rowley Electric Light Department: Provided a review of blueprints for an accessible ramp, and completed an ADA self-evaluation, and transition plan. North Atlantic Energy Consortium: (Seabrook Station): Provided needs assessment and ADA technical assistance for emergency notification equipment and procedures for people with disabilities.


Cities of Lawrence, Gloucester, Haverhill, Peabody, Westford, and Newburyport. Towns of North Andover, Rowley, Amesbury, Tyngsboro, Boxford Council on Aging and Georgetown: Conducted ADA needs assessments, self-evaluations, and transition plans for the town/city buildings and programs.

Places of Public Accommodations:

Marshall’s Inc: Produced an ADA training video that was used to train Marshall’s employees nationwide, Rocky’s Hardware, No. Andover, Lawton Law Office, Woburn, MA.

Fraternal Organizations:

Lawrence Masonic Lodge: Provided consultation to assist in the completion of an access ramp, and bathroom modifications.

Human Service Providers:

Habitat For Humanity of Greater Lowell, inc., Women’s View (Psychological Center) Behavioral Sciences Institute, Habit Management Institute, Relief Associates, Lowell, Family Services Association: Provided trainings on Deaf culture, communication and physical accessibility, providing alternate formats, as well as ADA technical trainings. Community Action, Inc., Team Coordinating Agency, (Haverhill) American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army: Provided Section 504/ADA needs assessments, self-evaluation, and transition plans to assist with compliance. The Career Resources, Inc., Irenicon House, Human Services Residences, The Phoenix House, and Emmaus, Inc. (homeless shelter) The Lowell House, Community Health Initiatives: Provided ADA awareness and sensitivity trainings workshops for management and staff.

Educational organizations:

The Harbor Schools: Provided ADA self-evaluation and monitoring reviews for 9 schools in W. Newbury, Amesbury, and Newburyport areas. Lawrence and North Andover School Department’s: Provided an ADA study (self-evaluation) of 5 North Andover’s public schools, made recommendations for insuring ADA compliance.

With a consulting contract from the Department of Public Health we provided all DPH vendors throughout the state technical assistance to insure they had completed their ADA policies and procedures, self-evaluation and transition plan.

Guide to the ADA Standards

The United States Access Board, “Advancing Full Access and Inclusion for All”, has an excellent Guide to the ADA Standards that are currently in place. To view it, please click on the following link: Guide to the ADA Standards

Guide to Disability Rights Laws

For a overview and guide to the ADA Disability Rights Laws, please click on the following link: Guide to Disability Rights Laws

The 25th Anniversary of the ADA: 1990-2015


The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law on July 26th, 1990. The 25th Anniversary of the ADA took place on July 26th, 2015. There were many celebrations that took place on this important anniversary that was a milestone in civil rights for all people with disabilities. In honor and in celebration of this important event, here are “10 Things You May Not Know About The ADA” by clicking on the following link:

10 Things You May Not Know About The ADA