Independent Living (IL)

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June Sauvageau, Executive Director, The Northeast Independent Living Program, Inc. (NILP)

Core Services

The Mandated Services that all Independent Living (IL) Centers must provide for their consumers:

Peer Counseling

One of NILP’s strongest points is that a majority of our staff have disabilities and serve in a mentor type relationship with our consumers, providing information and support, and facilitating decision making. Many members of our staff have lived the independent living philosophy and can share the ups and downs they encountered in mastering their independence, and prepare the consumers for similar experiences.


Northeast Independent Living Program, as an Independent Living Center, is mandated by federal law to provide both individual and systems advocacy on behalf of and for persons with disabilities. It is one of NILP’s five basic core services and provided by all programs. [Learn More…]

Independent Living Skills Training

Training activities which focus on consumer skill development to in the area of independent living. When consumers begin working individually with one of our skills trainers, they have the opportunity to choose an independent living goal or goals to work on which can increase their ability to live independently in the community. For example, a goal could be to learn more about accessible housing options, or obtaining additional health benefits that they qualify for. Ask your skills trainer about creating an independent living plan the next time you meet with them if you haven’t already discussed one.

Information and Referral

NILP provides Information and Referral to persons with disabilities, service providers, families and community members on disability and independent living topics and issues; and, referral assistance to link individuals with appropriate organizations, services and resources. There are many great services and resources out there that often times are insufficiently advertised and we work to educate our consumers on these services and make referrals if appropriate


In recent years, more money and focus has been directed towards contacting consumers at the point of hospitalization, before they are moved to a rehab or long term care facility. We want to meet with these consumers and make sure they are aware of the services that are available to them to live independently in the community, so that they can make informed decisions during their discharge process.

Additional Services:

Title 7 Part B Funds

NILP has access to limited funds to provide to consumers who need assistance purchasing assistive technology, small home modifications, or vehicle modifications in order to live independently in the community. There are strict income eligibility guidelines as well as limits on the amount of funding that can be given. If you apply for Title 7 Part B funds, you will likely be placed on a waiting list for a period of time before the funds become available. Please contact an NILP staff member if you are interested in learning more about the Title 7 Part B program.

Assistive Technology (AT) Loan Program

NILP is one of the regional access sites for the Assistive Technology (AT) Loan Program, which is run by Easter Seals of Worcester, MA. Consumers can learn about and apply for an AT loan with the help of NILP staff. The program is an alternative financing project that gives people with disabilities access to low interest loans to purchase assistive devices or services. For more information about the AT Loan program, please visit its website at, or contact a staff member at NILP.

Youth Program

The Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP) works with adolescents with disabilities and their families to facilitate the transition from both institutional and public schools into the adult human services system. TeenFest is a three week-long program for adolescents ages 14-22 with disabilities. The TAP (Transition to Adulthood Program) and the VR (Vocation Rehabilitation) have recently combined to develop a new program called TAP-VR. [Learn More…]

Local Transportation

We offer limited transportation to medical visits, social-recreational, service needs, etc to people with disabilities and elders who live in Lawrence, Andover, North Andover, and Methuen. [Learn More…]