Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Program

NILP’s Personal Care Assistance Program (PCA) is an integral support program for our community participants living with chronic disabilities who need special assistance to live with a quality of life in their homes in our communities. PCA consumers receive assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, or dressing. PCA services are available to MassHealth eligible persons with permanent or chronic disabilities. The PCA program is consumer controlled and the person receiving the services manages their program independently, or with the assistance of a surrogate of their choice. Therefore, they can decide who they have working for them and set the schedule that is most convenient for their needs. Oftentimes these services make it possible for the consumer to remain living in their homes with personal care help, as opposed to hospitals or nursing homes.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for the PCA Program, you must have Masshealth Standard or Masshealth Commonhealth. You also must have a permanent or chronic disability and need physical assistance with two activities of daily living. Activities of daily living are defined by Masshealth as eating, dressing, grooming, medication administration mobility, or passive range of motion.

I would like to be assessed for the PCA Program, what should I do?
If you think you are eligible for the PCA Program, you can refer yourself or have someone refer you by calling NILP at 978-687-4288 and asking for a PCA Program Intake Coordinator. Staff will ask you some basic questions about your personal care needs. If you appear to be eligible for the program, staff will take down your contact information and contact your physician to confirm eligibility. Once we hear from your physician, NILP will call you for an intake home assessment to set up an in-home visit. A doctor or nurse practitioner who is familiar with your medical status will also need to provide NILP with a medical summary form in order to confirm your need for personal care services.

What can my PCA help me with?

Masshealth allows PCAs to assist dressing, eating, grooming, medication administration, or passive range of motion. Under certain circumstances, your PCA might also be able to assist with laundry, shopping, housekeeping, meal preparation, and other tasks related to your personal care needs. When appropriate, overnight PCA hours are granted as well.

Who can be my PCA?

Anyone who is legally able to work in the United States, who is not your legal guardian, spouse, or PCA surrogate, can work as your PCA. You can hire family members to be your PCA. However, anyone who works as your PCA must treat their employment seriously and understand the purpose of the program is to ensure your personal needs are being met.

More Questions?

Please click here for a list of other frequently asked questions regarding the PCA Program, or contact one of our staff at 978-687-4288 and ask for a PCA Skills Trainer.

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Rewarding Work Connection to Find Qualified PCAs

Rewarding Work is a valuable is a valuable online resource which helps people with disabilities connect with qualified PCAs. Please visit and for a flyer about Rewarding Work in both English and Spanish, please click on the following link: Rewarding Work