The Training and Learning Collaborative (TLC)

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The Training and Learning Collaborative (TLC) is the Education Division of NILP

The Training and Learning Collaborative (TLC) is Shown Here Training New Hires at Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) in the Subject Course, "Disability Awareness and Cultural Competence" (pictured are TLC Trainers, June Cowen, Excecitive Director of NILP, and Dr. Burton D. Pusch, Independent Educator and Consultant)

The Training and Learning Collaborative TLC), the Education Division of NILP, is shown above conducting a full day training session in the subject curriculum of “Disability Awareness and Cultural Competence” for new hires, as well as existing personnel at Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) at their location in Boston, MA, and via teleconference in their Springfield, MA, location. Pictured are TLC Trainers, June Sauvageau, Executive Director of NILP, and Dr. Burton D. Pusch, Massachusetts One Care Ombudsman and Independent Consultant. For more information regarding TLC and how TLC can help your organization with our customizable Disability Awareness Education and Cultural Competence Core Training, please contact Sheila Hegarty, NILP & TLC Education & Advocacy Coordinator at (978) 687-4288 ext. 162 or at

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The TLC Mission & Vision as the Education Arm of NILP

The Training and Learning Collaborative (TLC) is a the education arm of NILP that is geared towards educating healthcare entities as well as other large and small businesses in a customized curriculum that specializes in providing disability awareness education to key staff members as well as other employees who either work directly or indirectly with consumers living with a disability. The TLC trainers and consultants based at NILP have a model in place that is steeped in the values and beliefs of consumer self-direction and is from the perspective of people who live with all types of disabilities and chronic conditions. The TLC vision is to provide technical assistance and training to all pertinent entities, large and small, in how to work with all of their consumers who have a disability by properly comprehending that the consumer is the best determinant of their own needs and services. The TLC combination of lived experience and technical expertise provides organizations with the knowledge and skills to ensure quality and culturally competent service delivery. The TLC approach is to provide customized training and consulting services by being a trusted Independent Living partner for all organizations to deliver Cultural Competence training and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) technical assistance. The TLC goal is to educate all entities around their potential areas of misconceptions that surround people with disabilities and to de-stigmatize the language and initial responses that they could have that may lead to critical missteps in providing care and/or services for people with complex needs. TLC is also developing an online module for their training curriculum for wider client reach and engagement. Here are just a few examples of comments that we have received from random classroom participants at the completion of various TLC Training Sessions: – “The training was amazing. It really opened my eyes to a different understanding of people with disabilities.” – “This was an extremely thought provoking experience. I will definitely benefit from this training experience.” – “This training has totally changed my perspective on people with disabilities. I now see people for who they are and not their disability.” – “I will use my language more carefully and try to fundamentally change my thinking so I don’t have to think about my language. I will now look at a person/situation as a whole new picture and knowing the paradigms that exist to have contributed to their current state and will try to shift these paradigms and ways of thinking going forward.”

TLC – Web version from Firmament blaze on Vimeo.