Participate in Annual Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Please take this survey if you received services from NILP in the last year.

This survey is very important to us, and will help us understand how you feel about our services, how our staff is interacting with you, and if our services were helpful in assisting you with your independent living goals. The results of the survey will help us make changes to programs as needed to meet your needs.

As an Independent Living Center, we are required to survey our consumers who receive services from us, and to share the results with agencies that provide us with funding. All surveys are confidential

PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AS THEY APPLY TO NILP (not STAVROS or other agencies you receive services from). 

Filling out or not filling out the survey will not affect your benefits or services in any way. Your responses are anonymous.

If you need assistance in filling out the survey, require a different format or have any questions, please call Nanette at 978-687-4288 Ext. 126 (for Spanish, call Emily at 978-687-4288 Ext. 131).

We look forward to receiving your feedback and learning how to better provide independent living services to you. Thank you for your participation!