Nursing Home Transition Services

Nursing Home Transition is a service that assists individuals with disabilities in transitioning from nursing facilities into the community with the necessary supports to live independently or to avoid a nursing facility re-admission.

What Sets Us Apart

• We believe that every individual has the right to succeed or fail in the pursuit of independence in the community.

• We assist consumers in accessing the services they choose. We are person-centered. 

• Nursing Home Transition Coordinators stay with consumers for however long the transition process takes.

Our Goal

• To promote independence and enhance the overall quality of life for people with disabilities.

Our Services

  • An individual may self-refer or be referred by someone else such as a family member, social worker, or ADRC partner
  • Your initial point of contact will be an Options Counselor who will help you identify your goals.
  • Your Options Counselor will explain the various in-home and community programs & services available.
  • Some of the services could include:
    – MFP Waivers
    – Education on Housing search process and/or core documents needed
    – Accessing Housing Applications
    – Home Modifications and/or Assistive Technology
    – In-home PCA services
  • Once short-term services have been established, a Nursing Home Transitions Coordinator is introduced to the process to continue working with you long-term.

Voices of NILP

"Without the support of NILP, I honestly don’t know where I would be now, both physically and mentally. I’m too young to be in an institution. I have my freedom, independence, and mental health back.”