We are proud of our growing NILP team.

The Northeast Independent Living Program, Inc. is a consumer controlled Independent Living Center providing advocacy and services to people with all disabilities who wish to live independently in the community.

Main Number: 978-687-4288

NILP Board of Directors

David Bradburn – President
Jeff Wilson – Vice President
Lisa Visone – Treasurer
Mark Kelly – Clerk
Kevin Hatch
Eric Pearson
Allen Larkin
Gary Hale

Regular Board Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm. The Annual Meeting is held in October.

For more information contact June Sauvageau, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer 
June Sauvageau, ext. 139

Chief Financial Officer 
Lisa DiGiuseppe, ext. 138

VP of Long-Term Services & Supports
Matt Pellegrino, ext. 328

VP of Community Development & Advocacy
Jim Lyons, ext. 133

Program Directors/Managers

Director of Human Resources & Operations
Lynette McRae, ext. 176

Director of Development
Candice Pechilis, ext. 165

Director of PCA
Alicia Thyne, ext. 153

Director of NERLC
Gabe Fonseca, ext. 166

Community Supports Manager
Heidi McCormick, ext. 160

Youth Services Manager
Steve Michelson, ext. 127

PCA Program Manager
Mimi Cruzado Davila, ext. 163

Operations Manager of RLC
Rachely Ramos, ext. 201

Manager of Older Adult Peer Services
Amanda Orfanos, ext. 203

Long-Term Services & Supports Manager
Justine Carlton, ext. 327

Community Advocacy & Accessibility Manager
Grant Murphy, ext. 130

Accounting Manager
Cyndi Wood, ext. 174

Medical Billing & Eligibility Manager
Amanda Cordero, ext. 158