Long-Term Services and Supports

NILP provides Long-Term Service (LTS) Coordination for three One Care plans in Massachusetts, Commonwealth Care Alliance, Tufts Unify, and UnitedHealthCare. Members enrolled in One Care are persons who are dually eligible for both MassHealth and Medicare. 

Every One Care member has the right to have an LTS Coordinator on their care team. LTS Coordinators serve as both an independent advocate for the member and as a resource to learn about long-term service options they might be eligible for in the community. 

You can ask for an LTS Coordinator at any time. Tell your Care Coordinator in your One Care plan and they will provide you with more information. Our LTS Coordinators are experts in areas such as independent living, recovery, and aging.

For more information about LTS One Care, please contact us at 978-245-8450 or jcarlton@nilp.org