Older Adult Peer Services

Our specialized program is developed to improve the quality of life for older adults (55 and older) who experience mental and physical health challenges. It is a program through our Northeast Recovery Learning Community (NERLC). NERLC is committed to creating a strong peer-to-peer community for persons recovering from extreme emotional distress, trauma, psychiatric diagnoses, addiction and a variety of other challenges in life.

Peer Support

Peer Support Specialists are older adults with lived experience and experiential learning who are Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) and Certified Older Adult Peer Specialists (COAPS) specifically trained in many topics related to physical and mental health conditions in older adults such as depression, anxiety, trauma, normal aging, stages of change, and more.

Whole Health Coaching

We mentor and educate older adults with a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses body, mind, and spirit. Specialists may be certified in evidence based wellness programs such as WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) and WHAM (Whole Health Action Management).

Behavioral Management

We coach and instruct older adults in cognitive and dialectical behavioral principles to lessen the impact of negative behaviors and to introduce them to different world views leading to positive behaviors and desired outcomes.

Voices of NILP

"I'm physically limited with my mobility movements, and without a program like NILP and the staff, I don't know how or what my life would be like or where I would be."
NILP Consumer