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About The Northeast Recovery Learning Community (NERLC)…


The Northeast Recovery Learning Community (NERLC) is a peer-staffed department of The Northeast Independent Living Program, Inc. (NILP) that is currently in its’ fifth year of operation and is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH). NERLC provides recovery-based education, information & referral, training, and support to peers living with mental health conditions in 52 cities and towns across Northeastern Massachusetts. NERLC operates in five Hubs, or “Centers of Activity”: Lowell, Lynn, North Shore, Essex North, and Metro North.

  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) (in English & Spanish)

  • Peer Facilitator (in English & Spanish)

  • Young Adult Peer Facilitator

  • Using Recovery Language in Inpatient Settings

  • Whole Health Action Management (Coming Soon!)

By participating in NERLC trainings, and with the follow-up support of the NERLC staff, peer participants become empowered to make changes in their lives that will further support their individual recovery journeys. NERLC supports peer participants by forming an alliance which is based on three key principles: role modeling, mutual respect, and peer support. Through participation in NERLC trainings and events, participants become involved in their local community and learn new skills to support their recovery.


The Northeast Recovery Learning Community (NERLC) is a department of The Northeast Independent Living Program, Inc. (NILP)

A Recovery Story

Stephen M. Kannan

“Here Is The Story” – January 7, 2000

“Here is the story, and this is how it goes,
gonna start concentrating on my own personal goals

time to think of me, and put my needs first,
for some more growth, I surely do thirst

’cause, inside I’m over what happened last year,
and now face the new one, with more courage than fear

I feel more than ready to forge on ahead,
To wake some good feelings, that have been too long dead

Instead of keeping things inside,
Holding them in, deep in my soul, something will begin to die

And I want to live, in more ways than one,
And here, right now, it has begun

I’m stronger, and feel stronger than I ever have before,
Instead of waiting, I’ll be the one to open the door

So don’t try to stop me, I’ve got so much fire,
To make things better, is my great desire”

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Our Mission
The Northeast Recovery Learning Community (NERLC) supports individuals who have lived experience with mental health issues, trauma and/or extreme states, in finding their own paths to recovery and wellness in the communities of their choice. By offering trauma-sensitive peer supports, we encourage each other to lead meaningful and productive lives and, together, create a welcoming and diverse peer community.