The Northeast Recovery Learning Community

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NILP’s Northeast Recovery Learning Community (NERLC) creates welcoming, safe, genuine and understanding spaces where diverse communities gather for healing and growth. As people who have lived through hard times —including trauma, emotional distress, addiction, poverty, discrimination and a wide range of diagnostic labels —we believe that our collective wisdom and love is greater than all our hardships. Embracing all of who we are—both painful and joyful—we validate each other’s experiences in order to create a sense of belonging, equality and shared humanity.

We offer:

  • Hub Locations 
  • Support Groups 
  • Workshops and Training 
  • Social Events
  • Wellness Classes (WRAP, WHAM) 
  • LGBTQIA Support Groups 
  • Young Adult Activities
  • Older Adult Peer Support 
  • Peer Facilitator Training 
  • Hearing Voices Groups 
  • Spanish Language WRAP 
  • Community Bridging 
  • Referral and Information

We believe in the dignity of all people who take the risk of building relationships instead of living in fear, of sharing our stories instead of suffering in silence, and of fostering mutual respect instead of perpetuating discrimination. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we draw upon our personal experiences of hope and recovery to create opportunities for each other to embrace compassion, wellness, empowerment and community.


NILP’s Northeast Recovery Learning community is an integral part of NILP’s commitment to providing “Peer2Peer Resources for People with Disabilities”.  We know that we are stronger coming together for cross-disability advocacy than we would be as a separate mental health community. Our insistence on “Nothing About Us Without Us” cuts across all disability groups providing a unifying principle at the core of the Independent Living Movement. NILP was one of the first Independent Living Centers in the United States to include individuals with psychiatric disabilities in leadership roles.  We are proud of that legacy which continues to this day.