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Supporting and Hiring People with Disabilities

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With 61 million Americans living with disabilities, the work we do at NILP is critical. Serving, employing, and retaining people with disabilities is our mission.

Independent Living Centers like NILP are unique because they serve people with disabilities and their bylaws say that 51% of their staff must have a disability. Accessibility is woven into all our practices. From recruitment, hiring, and onboarding, to our accessible offices.

Research tells us that disability is stigmatized and people with disabilities often face barriers when trying to obtain employment.

At NILP, we’re trying to minimize some of those barriers. We recognize that not everyone has access to education. Therefore, life experiences are equally important to us as education.

As an agency, we want you to succeed, and we are here to support you. By providing on-the-job training, NILP is a place where you can grow your skills.

Listen to some of our staff as they share what they like about their jobs.

NILP currently has offices in Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts that house various programs. One of our programs, the Northeast Recovery Learning Community, also has an office in Lynn, Massachusetts.

The population we serve is diverse, as is our staff:

  • We serve a large population of Spanish-speaking consumers. Therefore, we have Bilingual positions to ensure our consumers can work with peers regarding language and ethnicity.
  • Our Recovery Learning Community Program is 100% peer-based which means all staff identify with either mental health, trauma, or addiction.
  • Our Certified Older Adult Peer Services Program is expanding. We are looking to hire 2 Khmer speaking individuals to serve our Cambodian communities.
  • Our Youth Services program runs a group with the Beverly School for the DEAF. We are hiring for a DEAF & Hard of Hearing Youth Skills Trainer.
  • Our Personal Care Assistance Program serves people with disabilities of any age. This program supports people directing their own personal care so they can continue to live in the community.

As you search for what is right for you, consider one of our open positions. We believe you will not only find a new career but a supportive workplace that gives you the opportunity to make an incredible impact in the community, while achieving your professional development goals!